Best Tips on Buying a House:

Many people ask me, "What are some good tips on buying a house?" I used to rattle off a list of do's and dont's. Those lists were good tips, but over time I've learned that a first time home buyer can't start the home buying process with a long list of things to remember. That's too overwhelming and intimidating!

Do you want to know two of the single, most important tips on buying a house?



Let's think about this dual concept together...

If you're motivated to buy a house that means you have incentive and drive. There is usually a spirit within us, tugging at our hearts telling us we deserve better. Your spirit is prompting you to action (which is your drive). You often think about buying a house. You dream of not paying rent anymore, having a backyard where your children can safely play, investing in long-term wealth, having privacy and freedom and even just plain ole' decorating your home the way you really want it (for all of you HGTV fans)! All of these are "incentives" you'll receive when you buy a house.

Your incentives (reasons) for buying a house is what drives your motivation to buy! I do believe that you are motivated to buy a house, otherwise, you wouldn't be on this website trying to gain wisdom before you begin the process.

Can I keep it real with you and go a little deeper...

Having motivation is great, but it can't stand alone. Possessing motivation is the first step to initiating the process. However, your second step is vitally important to the first - YOU HAVE TO MOVE!

Now, moving won't be difficult for you if you're "truly" driven by your incentives to buy a house - (i.e. your children, your spouse, and other significant reasons for purchasing). You have to MAKE your motivation MOVE YOU TO ACTION!

Becoming a homeowner doesn't happen by just daydreaming, wishing, hoping or even praying. It may start with these, but it has to move beyond wishing to EXECUTING YOUR HOME BUYING PLAN.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I'm just waiting on the Lord," or "I'm waiting on the perfect timing." It's time to get over these sayings! I believe in the Lord, and yes there are times when we have no choice, but to wait on his timing. However, many of us use this as a "crutch" to keep us from moving forward! It's easy to hide behind that statement and try to justify your lack of action as "waiting on the Lord." Can I share a secret with you? God, is WAITING ON YOU! He's waiting on you to take the initial steps of action, get the ball rolling and make progress.

God, expects for us to make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time - (Bishop Eddie Long).

Many people sit back and really think that one day a house is going to come to them, because they waited! Friends, this is seriously an incorrect way of thinking! The truth is this, it takes discipline, patience, and effort to purchase a home. Unless you inherit one from a relative, that is the only way you're going to get it effortlessly.

If you've been filled with fear and doubt about buying a house, or if you've tried and were turned down allow me to encourage you to get rid of the fear and try again. If you live your life in fear of trying you will NEVER experience the FULLNESS of life.

How do you get over the fear of buying a house?

  • You pray for wisdom.
  • You write out your home buying goals and plans.
  • You attend a home buying class to become educated.
  • You talk to family and friends that have purchased homes.
  • You gather resources - (i.e. from books, websites, cd's).
  • You find a trusted Realtor to help guide you.

What really causes first time buyers to be afraid of buying a house is the fear of the unknown. You are afraid, because the process is unfamiliar to you. You don't have a point of reference, because you've never done this before. You feel vulnerable and afraid that you may get taken advantage of, or make a mistake. All of this is understandable. But, take a moment to review those points above again...if you do those 6 things, it will minimize your fear.

You know that God is on your side, you have your plans in hand, you're educating yourself, you have good advice from your family and friends and you have a trusted professional in your corner!

Do me a favor (take a break from reading this). Go get a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down everything that you can think of that excites you about buying a house. It can be three things or thirty, but only write down things that really motivate you to want more, things that challenge you to do better.

I'll wait right here for you...

I hope you made a good list of incentives, because now it's time for you to MOVE FORWARD! You cannot back down this time. You cannot allow doubt to change your mind. You must stay focused and persevere. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Remember, whatever MOTIVATES you will be the key factor that drives your efforts and keep you moving forward until the keys to your new home are in your hands!

P.S. Make sure you read "2012 Is a Good Year for the First Time Buyer!" (It has 6 action steps to help you write your plan).

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