Is Procrastination Keeping You from Buying Your First Home?

I've heard of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but NOT "SOMEDAY."- Rev. Ike

Has procrastination prevented you from buying your first home?

  • Someday...I'm going to buy a house.

  • Someday...I'm going to get my credit straightened out.

  • Someday...I'm going to open a savings account.

  • Someday...I'm going to manage my money better.

  • Someday...I'm going to stop renting.

Please answer this question: "WHEN IS SOMEDAY?"

Webster Dictionary says the meaning of SOMEDAY is: at some future time.

You may be saying, see "what's wrong with someday?" It means some day in the future, right? Technically, that's correct. However, it allows so much room for "procrastination."

Someday doesn't provide us with structure, definition, nor a time frame to complete our goals. It's easy to say someday I'm going to take a vacation, finish college, start a business, go to church, stop smoking, or purchase my first home.

If we want to achieve our life goals (not just buying a home) we have to "clearly define" our goals. Then we have to assign a time frame of "giving it our all" to achieve those goals.


I,(Your Name) will "Purchase My First Home" 6 months from the date this goal was written.

Now, you can re-write this clarified goal over and over. You can put one in your car, on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, in your bible, give one to a friend to help keep you accountable. In order to succeed with your goals you have to "SEE" them.

We have to make sure we can both see and understand what we plan to achieve and then measure how much time we need to reach it.

The truth about "SOMEDAY" is that it never seems to become "ANY DAY." We use it to talk in future tense to buy ourselves more time as we make more excuses. We've learned that "SOMEDAY" can in reality be any day, because no one can hold us accountable for completing a goal or task on "SOMEDAY."

Procrastination causes our minds to believe that "SOMEDAY" is acceptable. Sure "SOMEDAY" sounds promising, but in reality, it puts our goals off until an indefinite time.

Our procrastination can be contributed to fear, stress, laziness and a lack of preparation. We've all experienced it at some time or another. Have you thought about purchasing your first home, but then dismissed the thought after you realized the dedication it would take (maintain your credit, save, and budget)?

While setting our goals it's important to write down the benefits we will receive once we do. What are some benefits of owning your own home?

  • Equity
  • Freedom
  • Stability

By writing down the benefits it helps us to see the "EXPECTED END" of our goals!

We want to encourage you to move forward. Don't be afraid of potential challenges. Begin to prepare and educate yourselves for the home buying process by replacing "SOMEDAY" with "TODAY!"

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