Home Buying for Single Parents

Buying a house with one income, while being the sole financial support for the child and saving something for his or her college funds too, can become difficult for single parents.

Sometimes the media places a negative stigma on being a single parent or coming from a single parent household. I think all of us can agree that when raising children two incomes would be more helpful than one. However, the absence of or the lack of another income doesn't dictate the ability of that one parent to achieve homeownership for his or her children.

One of the BIGGEST myths or stereotypes portrayed on television is that you must be or should be married before you're able to purchase a home. The fairytale of a husband, wife, 2.5 kids and the white picket fence has disappeared. Now days, single parents and single individuals are doing it by themselves and for themselves!

If a single parent is paying for rent, utilities, clothes, food,toys and extra-curricular activities, etc for their children then buying them a HOUSE is the next step!

Being a single parent DOES NOT disqualify you from purchasing a home! You have to confident that with proper planning and education, you too can become a homeowner.

Often times, parents want so bad to buy their children things that other children have, to make them not feel left out or ashamed.

As a parent (whether single or not) don't you want...

  • A backyard for your children to play safely?
  • A neighborhood where you and your children can grow lasting friendships?
  • Stability without having to move every year?