Learn How to Choose a Realtor

Knowing how to choose a Realtor is very important. In fact, it could make the difference between a smooth home buying transaction or a terrible one. There are literally hundreds of Realtors in almost every city. Therefore, you have an opportunity to meet with more than one if you need to in order to find one that you are comfortable with doing business. This list provides you with important questions to ask your potential Realtor before you begin a working relationship.

HomebuyerClassroom.com highly recommends working with a Realtor during your home buying process. Don't try to do it alone.

It is important that you choose someone that you are able to talk with easily about your concerns for your new home. Also, a Realtor that makes your needs, wants, and desires for your new home a top priority. Your Realtor should be knowledgeable, attentive to your needs, friendly and operate with integrity.

There are so many great Realtors at every company! The hard part is to choose "one" Realtor. Keep in mind, that you only need "one" good Realtor working for you. Don't try to have 3 or 4 Realtors working on your behalf, because you won't get the attention, and quality service that you need from that many people.

Choose one Realtor and be loyal. In return, he or she will take good care of you during your home buying process. These questions serve as a guide to help you ask appropriate questions. It is not necessary for you find a Realtor that makes an A+ on all of these questions.

Your primary goal is to learn how to choose a Realtor that cares about your investment. One that is knowledgeable and competent to handle your real estate transaction.

Ideally, you want to feel comfortable talking to your Realtor like he or she is your friend.

If you have a good vibe when you talk with them then trust your instincts and choose that Realtor!


  • Whom do you represent? Buyer or Seller?

  • What can you tell me about your office?

  • How long have you been an agent?

  • Do you have a salesperson's license or a broker's license?

  • Do you hold any professional designations?

  • How do you keep current in your field?

  • What is your understanding of my home buying needs?

  • What areas of the city/town do you work in or are most familiar with?

  • Do you have experience working with first-time buyers?

  • How many other buyers or sellers are you currently representing?

  • Do you work in partnership with another agent or use assistants?

  • Is there anything I haven't asked about you or your firm that you think I should know?

  • Can I have three references from other buyers you have worked with recently?

With so many Realtors in the industry, it really is important to know how to choose a Realtor. Choosing the right Realtor will help you get the best fit for your home buying needs.

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