Learn How to Compare
Mortgage Lenders

Do you know how to compare mortgage lenders? This may seem like a difficult task. Today there are so many lenders competing for your business. Therefore, it may be necessary to compare the similarities and differences between each lender. Choosing the best mortgage lender is a very important decision and should be given much consideration. With the growing number of lenders in the industry you must be careful; there are great lenders and scamming lenders.

You must do your homework by shopping around for the best loan products and rates. Lenders have different products, home buying programs and can offer different loan packages to different clients (whichever package will work best for you).

Ideally, you are looking for a lender that can offer reputable experience, competence and skill, and product options.

Below, are a few tips on how to compare mortgage lenders. These tips will help you narrow down your search and choose the home mortgage lender that demonstrates the "best fit" for you.


A good home mortgage lender will have reputable experience in the industry. Research the bank and/or company they work for. Find out what type of clients they service. Ask for referrals on the lenders you are considering. Ask for client testimonials about their service (i.e. promptness, follow-up, courtesy, competence, etc.).

Choose a home mortgage lender that is in your city. Unless the lender is widely known and trusted, don't use an out-of-state lender. Search for information on the lender and his/her company on-line. If it is an individual company verify their business integrity and credentials with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU


A skillful lender will operate in two capacities. Your lender's job is to educate you on the mortgage products and options that are available to you. Also, part of their job is making you feel confident about the mortgage product that you chose.

A good lender, regardless of the decisions that you make, will be courteous to you at all times and will make you feel very good about your decisions. If your lender does not do this, then you need to be cautious about continuing with them.

You should be confident in their products and have confidence in what they themselves are saying about the products and services.


A good home mortgage lender will be able to offer you product options. Most lenders work for a specific company, so this really has more to do with what the company has to offer rather than with what the lender has to offer.

You want to choose a lender that has many loan products to choose from that best fits your loan needs. Mortgage companies tend to have more flexibility with their loan products than banks. However, if you have a good relationship with your bank, you may consider making them your first choice! The key to product options is variety and good, safe loan products.

Learning how to compare mortgage lenders can be relatively easy now that you know what things you are looking for in your mortgage lender:

  • Reputable experience
  • Skill and competence
  • Product options

Take your time when making your decision. Ask plenty of questions. Make sure you feel comfortable with the mortgage lender before you enter into any type of agreements or working relationships.

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