In 2017
Say "I Do" to Homeownership

Marrying your soul mate...
and starting your life together in your

I'm telling you...this is SO POSSIBLE, just as soon as you make the "commitment" and Say "I DO" to Homeownership.

(Plus, you'll be earning equity that will allow you to take a vacation, start-up a business, open a college fund, buy a car or a boat and much more - all through HOMEOWNERSHIP).

Dear Newlyweds,

In 2014, you can start the home buying process - and be well on your way to owning your own home!

When you "create" a plan and write out your "vision" - without question you could purchase a home in less than 12 months. YOU SURE CAN!

Purchasing a home is not difficult...all you need to do is commit to making it happen together. I'll give you EVERYTHING you need to put yourself on the path to owning your own home.

What are the benefits for you and your mate when you purchase a home?

  • Build equity and wealth (a personal savings plan)
  • Tax breaks
  • Independence
  • Privacy
  • Freedom
  • Stability
  • Room to grow your family

And most recently...

  • Low interest rates
  • Motivated sellers

These are all realistic benefits of homeownership you can earn, simply by Saying "I Do" to Homeownership.

We spend so much time, money and effort into planning a wedding that lasts for 15 minutes. But, have you sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk about where you will live after you make your vows and say "I Do?" Often times, we settle for leasing a nicer, newer more expensive apartment as a compromise for not purchasing a home. Newlyweds often spend $1,000 or more each month renting (that's $12,000 in one year, $24,000 in two years and $60,000 in five years). Think about how much money is spent with no return back to you! And to top it off...we usually outgrow these tiny apartments, because we've accumulated SO MUCH STUFF! Remember, it's two of you now versus just one. LOL!


When you Say "I Do" to Homeownership, you terminate the cycle of renting...the cycle that prohibits long-term wealth building for you and your spouse. If you're like the millions that rent after getting married, do something different...BUY A HOME!

Educate and prepare yourselves to be homeowners. Saying "I Do" to Homeownership provides you with a golden opportunity that will teach you "how to" buy your first home together.


All newlyweds can purchase a home once they make the commitment to fire their landlords and position themselves to receive homeownership.

You need very little to make this happen within 12 months or less -

  • Steady work history (2 years or more)
  • Minimum credit scores of 620 (this is for FHA loans)
  • 3.5% down payment (possibly less)
  • Moderate debt-to-income ratio (ability to afford a mortgage)

I'm willing to teach you from A to Z on how to sit down together with your mate to draw up an effective plan to get started today!


I know you're well aware that NOW is the BEST time to purchase a home! It truly is a season for home buyers. In case you don't know...interest rates are very low with "fixed rates!

And, let's not forget about those MOTIVATED sellers!!! Your supply of homes are plentiful in almost every price range (and city and state). Unfortunately, some of these sellers will take a loss on the sale of their homes, but as the buyer you will reap bountiful rewards!

However, there is a bright side for a lot of sellers...the favor will be returned back to them when they purchase their new home!



The first thing (after saying "I DO" to one another) is to Say "I Do" to Homeownership. Both you and your mate have to make the commitment to STOP RENTING and make provisions toward homeownership. This is a commitment that both of you must agree on. I'm going to teach you how to know if both of you are ready to commit to homeownership. You may be thinking that your apartment is "okay" for the two of you, and that you're comfortable. But, STOP...think about starting your family. Wouldn't you like to have a backyard where your child can safely play? Don't you want you, your spouse and children to develop lasting friendships with neighbors, to have stability...a place that all of you can call home? Sure you do! So do I! I want to help you achieve homeownership for all of these reasons.

That's why I'm encouraging you to look beyond today and sacrifice for an investment that will last your entire lifetime!


After you've made the commitment to purchase a home, you then have to educate yourselves on the home buying process. This is extremely important. Your home buying education is the absolute, re-assurance to your purchasing a home successfully (without regret and mistakes). Did you know that with the precise education and home buying tips you can virtually eliminate the negative stigma and fear of buying a home. If you hear couples speaking negatively about homeownership...they are fearful. A lack of understanding, knowledge and education will cause us to fear. We naturally fear the unknown. And since you may not have purchased a home before, you don't have a "point of reference" of how it's done.

Therefore, you have to READ home buying books and websites to gain the necessary knowledge. You have to attend home buying WORKSHOPS to ask questions and get answers. Once you have your arsenal of information you're then eligible and well able to begin your home buying process with confidence.


No one buys a home overnight! It takes preparation. Obviously, you and your mate are smart and plan to buy a home (otherwise, you wouldn't be on this website).

When you Say "I DO" to Homeownership, I will teach you how to get prepared for home loan pre-approval, how to open a "housing fund" account to save money for your home buying expenses, which documents you need to gather and how to sit down and discuss his needs and her needs for your new home.

Being prepared eliminates the surprises and removes the "guess work."


As a Realtor, I've had an opportunity work with many couples - all excited about buying their 1st home. As I work with each of these couples, I consistently discover that their love and commitment to each other is strengthened by their accomplishment of purchasing their 1st home together.

It creates a positive synergy and brings the husband and wife closer. Perhaps, it's the loving considerateness that the husband gives the wife as he listens to the intricate details that she adores and want in the house or the thoughtful compromise that the wife makes so that he can have a "GAME ROOM!" LOL!

I love to see and hear the excitement as these couples chatter away about what they're going to do after they move into their new home. Purchasing a home with the one you love symbolizes - commitment, stability, and happiness. Husbands feel empowered, because they are being providers for their wives and children. While, wives feel resourceful, because they have the wisdom to keep the house functioning and running smoothly.

Couples that choose homeownership are progressive, forward thinkers that clearly see the benefits of homeownership.


It's virtually impossible to fail at buying a home if you commit, educate, and prepare yourselves. In short, mostly all newlyweds can be purchasing a home in 12 months or less.

When you Say "I Do" to Homeownership...You will get EVERYTHING you need to begin your home buying process.

You will have a complete, outlined "BLUE PRINT" of the process, PLUS...tons of time and money saving home buying tips!


I have already done ALL the legwork, research and have compiled all the information you're going to need from start to finish.

Say "I Do" to Homeownership is a newlywed home buying guide that you can DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY!

With this newlywed home buying guide, you will know everything you need to know precisely about buying a home. If you follow everything in this newlywed guide you are virtually guaranteed to have a successful home buying experience!

Say "I Do" to Homeownership is a 40 page, home buying guide that includes all of the following:

  • Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk to Discuss Your Needs

  • Use the Internet to Begin Home Buying

  • Sit Down Together to Calculate the Costs of Homeownership

  • How to Know if You’re Both Ready to Purchase a Home

  • How to Know if You Will Qualify for a Loan

  • Agree to Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Help You

  • Learn How to Choose the Right Mortgage

  • Know How to Choose a Mortgage Lender

  • Learn How to Comparison Shop for the Right Mortgage

  • Tips on Getting Your Closing Costs Paid

  • Discover Possible Ways to Get Down Payment Assistance

  • Evaluate and Research Neighborhoods Together

  • Learn How to Shop for Your New Home

  • Learn How to Strategically Visit Homes and Open Houses

  • Learn How to Make an Offer on Your New Home

  • Understand How to Properly Bid and Negotiate on Your New Home

  • Learn How to Handle Home Buyers Remorse

  • Learn How to Choose a Mover

  • Create a Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Create a Moving Time Line

Say "I DO" to Homeownership" is written specifically for engaged and newly married couples!


Let me ask you - How much do you pay each month in rent?

Now, let me ask you - How much would you pay someone (or be thrilled to have someone) walk you through each home buying step hand-in-hand, give you time and money saving tips, teach you how to negotiate for the best price, get your closing costs paid, compare mortgages, teach you how to find a good Realtor...I mean completely coach you to be a wise, money-saving, no regret having home buyer?


If you don't know, let me tell you...if you were to go out and contract (hire) a professional to share this wealth of information with you and your mate you would be expected to pay a $500 to $2000 commission. This professional would have to invest a great deal of time and patience to educate you on all the "how-to" strategies of home buying.

Obviously, you won't pay $500 for Say "I DO" to Homeownership! You won't pay $250 or even $50 (although, what you're going to receive is well worth either of these amounts). When you download your copy of Say "I DO" to Homeownership you will be able to begin immediately and will be well on your way to buying in your home in 12 months or less!

Keep in mind that purchasing a home is probably the "largest" investment you're going to make in a lifetime. You can't afford to "feel your way through." If you don't know the home buying process you could make costly mistakes, waste tons of time and energy and simply lose out big time. This is not similar to buying a new computer, mountain bike, or flat screen television!

I wrote this book to be a blessing to newlyweds. I recently got married (June 12, 2010) and me and my spouse-to-be are starting our home buying process together just like you! As a Realtor and current homeowner, I know that the benefits of homeownership are unmatched. It is my desire for EVERYONE to be blessed with homeownership.

I believe in my heart that it is God's will for us to be land owners, that's why I'm sharing this PRICELESS e-book with you and your mate.

Say "I Do" to Homeownership
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For only $9.99 you will get EVERYTHING you need to help you purchase your 1st home together - PLUS you'll receive a "FREE BONUS" - "Watch Out for RED FLAGS!"

I really took my time to write this Newlywed Home Buying Guide. I hope that you believe in my mission to encourage and educate others about homeownership. As you may have noticed...this entire website is dedicated to helping others achieve this worthy goal.

This is one $9.99 that you will not regret spending - I PROMISE!


And, because Homebuyer Classroom has made it so fast and easy, I can offer you a guarantee that can't be matched...

If, within 30 days you and your mate are not on a clearly defined road map to purchasing a home - simply let me know, and Homebuyer Classroom will refund your purchase price. Plus, I'm offering you and your spouse FREE On-line Consulting to answer any questions that you may have during your home buying process.

Can't get much fairer than that!

There isn't a better opportunity than now to purchase your 1st home together. All the odds are in your favor! There are thousands of first time home buyers taking full advantage of the incentives being offered to home buyers at this time.

I can help you and your mate join those thousands that are becoming homeowners and enjoying their homeownership everyday.

Order Say "I DO" to Homeownership" today, right now! You will begin wealth building, creating memories and fulfilling your dreams and goals together!



Say "I DO" to Homeownership!
Only $9.99

100% Money Back Guarantee!